To sit peacefully alone, or with those I love.

Amongst flowers and seashells, desserts and wines.

To repose in silence, in awe of the light through the leaves, the birds singing, the scent of the trees above me.
To speak deeply for hours, to laugh and cry.

I cherish these moments of feeling, and I paint them with my brush.


 Elle-louise Burguez is an Australian Painter (self-taught) and Musician- Elle Músa.

After completing her studies in the arts (acting & film) and in education, Elle has spent the last ten years devoting herself to creating art and music. 

Elle paints vibrant and simple dreamscapes portraying a sense of holiday-moods, European summers and romantic evenings.

Her paintings boast various vessels, fruits, desserts, tables, objects and rugs.
All inspired by her travels around the world and her love of ancient art.